Lent at St Gabriel’s 2018

February 8, 2018

Ash Wednesday, Wednesday 14 February

10.00 a.m.   Solemn Mass and imposition of ashes
7.00 p.m.   Sung Mass and imposition of ashes (at St Barnabas)

Sermons at the Solemn Mass each Sunday

Sensing the Passion
(based on the book by Kevin Scully)

‘The importance of the senses in the passion of Jesus is vital.  They link us to him.
His experiences were complete human experiences.  His senses were complete human senses.
His sight was like our sight.  His hearing was like our hearing.  His touch was like our touch.
His sense of smell was like ours.  His taste was like our taste…’

In the springtime of the Church, Christians were well aware that it was important to
engage with the story of Jesus Christ with all their created being, heart, mind and soul,
and the whole of their senses so that the narrative of the Lord’s passion and resurrection
reverberates not just in our minds but in the whole of our being and the whole of our lives.

Lent 1 (18 March)
Seeing is believing

Lent 2 (25 March)
Blessed are those who hear

Lent 3 (4 March)
An odour pleasing to the Lord

Lent 4 (11 March)
Who touched me?

Lent 5 (18 March)
Taste and see


Every Sunday at 6.00 p.m. : The Stations of the Cross


Every Wednesday at 10.00 a.m. : Mass and devotional address

The Passion and Resurrection of Jesus and the making of peace

2018 is the centenary of the end of the Great War.  ‘Peace be with you’ is the greeting
of the Risen Christ to his disciples.  St Paul tells us ‘Christ is our peace; he has broken
down the dividing wall between us.’

As we journey through Lent to our celebration of the Passion and Resurrection of the
Lord, we reflect on the suffering and death of Jesus and on the Risen Lord’s Easter
gift of Peace in the light of the end of the Great War and the pursuit of peace

We meditate on the suffering of humanity and the hope of resurrection:
remembrance and peace-making at the end of the Great War-and now.

21 February
‘Aftermath’.  Siegfried Sassoon and the poetry of remembering

 28 February
Hedd Wyn, poet of peace.  Remembering the war, making the peace

7 March
Remembrance: poppies, red …

14 March
… and white

21 March
At the grave of the unknown soldier : prayer, peace and the hope of resurrection


Every Tuesday at 7.00 p.m. : Lent Group at St Barnabas

York Course: On the Third Day (by Bishop John Pritchard)

The Resurrection is the Big Story that turned a little Jewish protest movement into a
world-transforming religion.  And yet by Easter Monday we’ve almost forgotten about it
and are planning our Summer holidays.  How can we re-capture the explosive power of the resurrection that ricocheted around the world?  How can we live in the glow of the
Resurrection and be an Easter people?  How can ‘there and then’ become ‘here and now’?

20 February
Have I got news for you?

 27 February
So what?  The implications of the Resurrection

6 March
‘Let him Easter in us’

13 March
Celebrating and praying Easter

20 March
A risen Church


A retreat at Llangasty Retreat House led by Fr George Bennett

12–14 March 2018

We will explore the theme with addresses on

Solidarity with Christ in the wilderness, with the penitent seeking forgiveness, and with those preparing for baptism at Easter.

There will be a full daily liturgy of Morning and Evening Prayer, Mass and Compline.

There will be plenty of silence for personal reflection and the opportunity to enjoy walks in the glorious surroundings of Llangorse Lake.

The retreat begins on Monday 12 March at 4.00 p.m. and ends after lunch on Wednesday.

Cost £170 full board.

Bookings to Llangasty Retreat House.  01874 6582590