The windows in the nave at the west end of the north and south aisles

Excell memorial window


Excell Memorial Window

The window in the western face of the north aisle was dedicated in 1967 as a memorial to Joshua Broad Excell and Louisa Excell. It was the gift of their daughter, Kathleen Excell and was made by Celtic Studios; the theme is the healing ministry of the Church. It shows St Raphael, the angel of healing, our Lord restoring sight to a blind man, and St Luke, ‘the beloved physician’. Joshua Excell was deputy organist at one time.

Maria King memorial window

Maria King Memorial Window

Maria King Memorial Window

The last of the windows in the west wall, at the end of the south aisle, was given in 1972 as a memorial to Maria King. Like the other windows in the nave it is the work of Celtic Studios and takes the sacraments as its theme. The three lights show St John the Baptist and below a modern Baptism; the ascended Lord holding a chalice and a couple receiving Holy Communion; and St John the Apostle and the descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost with a modern bishop administering Confirmation